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Baseball Live Stream

The 2020 MLB regular season has ended, and like every other sport this year, it's been heavily impacted by the pandemic. But while most sports had to suspend their seasons, the baseball games hadn't even started as the outbreak occurred. Because of that, the MLB officials postponed the start of the 2020 season. Primarily, it was supposed to start on March 26, but eventually, the first ball was thrown on July 26 at an empty National Parks. But empty venues and the postponed schedule weren't the only significant changes to this year's MLB season. The Major League Baseball officials came to an agreement with MLBA and decided to shorten the season from 162 to just 60 games. In this new schedule, teams played ten games against each of their four divisional opponents in three series, with an unequal home game number against each rival team. There were also some changes in the usual pairing. For example, Cleveland Indians were paired with the Pittsburgh Pirates and not with their usual rivals, the Cincinnati Reds or Detroit Tigers. MLB decided to make these orchards to prevent teams from long travels. Fortunately, there weren't any significant disruptions in the regular season, which allowed playoffs to occur as scheduled (September 15). But now it's time for the main event of the season. The moment all baseball fans have been waiting for. October 20 will mark the beginning of the MLB World Series between Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers. Unfortunately, teams will have to play in a half-empty stadium, as there's still no full live audience allowed. Yet, millions of MLB lovers will tune in to watch the tournament in their homes. Hopefully, we're in for a 7-game event.

How to Live Stream MLB World Series

Playing the whole season with a limited audience has shown the importance of fans attending the games. Unfortunately, it's the privilege we've been denied during this baseball year. Thankfully, there are many possibilities to watch MLB live games at home. Of course, the main one is a TV broadcast, but many disadvantages are coming with it. First of all, the costs of cable are constantly increasing. Secondly, you can't watch every game you want, since there's a strict TV schedule. In fact, when it comes to watching any sport, your best option is live streaming. And sure, searching for streams can sometimes be annoying, but when you know where to look, it can be done in a matter of seconds. When it comes to MLB live streams, you have a couple of options to choose from, as there are plenty of reliable streaming services. A few examples below.


The first option for live streaming the MLB games is getting an official MLB Network account. Usually, the whole 162-game season's subscription is worth $122. However, this time, due to the league's decision to shorten the season to 60 games, newcomers had to pay $60. But let's focus on the World Series. If you'd like to gain access to the event, there's the Postseason Package available. For $24,99, you'll be able to watch every game of the postseason live. What's more, you'd also unlock the unique content in the form of interviews, shows, and full highlights. But while getting the MLB Network is a fantastic idea for every baseball fan, paying for it now is slightly illogical, as there are only (maybe) 7 games left.

Other MLB Streaming Possibilities

But as MLB TV is a perfect option for any die-hard league's fan, there are many other possibilities to stream MLB games without having to spend too much money. The main problem with them, however, is that they're often unreliable. To make your decision easier and save you some time, you should consider investing in a Joker Live Stream subscription. At a lower cost, you'll not only be able to watch the World Series live but also stream all other big sports competitions, like the NBA or NFL. What's more, Joker's app allows you to stream your favorite events on any device you want, including a smartphone or gaming console. With Joker Live Stream, you'll be able to watch any game live, wherever you are, and whenever you please.

The American League:
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Oakland Athletics
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Cleveland Indians
  • New York Yankees
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Houston Astros
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Toronto Blue Jays

The National League:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Atlanta Braves
  • Chicago Cubs
  • San Diego Padres
  • New York Yankees
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Miami Marlins
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Milwaukee Brewers

To lower the risk of another coronavirus outbreak that would disrupt the postseason, both divisions played their games on a neutral ground. The American League played at Par Petco in San Diego and Dodger Stadium in LA. The National League played at Globe Life Field in Arlington and Minute Maid Park in Houston. The League Championship Series ended up with Tampa Bay winning the ALCS and the Dodgers winning NLCS. Both teams will fight for the World Series win on October 20, in a potential 7-game clash held at Globe Life Field.

2020 MLB World Series

October 20 is the date that every baseball fan has already marked in their calendar. On this day, Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers will play their first game of seven to determine who'll become the 2020 World Series champion. Each team is ready to lift the trophy, and both went through dramatic seven-game thrillers in the League Championship Finals. One thing for sure, it's going to be a fantastic contest, and it's a shame there will be a limited audience watching it live at the stadium.


The MLB experts don't leave Tampa Bay Rays any chances, with the overwhelming number of them believing that the Dodgers will win their 6th World Series. Fifty-eight voters predict the LA team as winners, with only 13 believing in Tampa Bay. And while it's hard to disagree that the Dodgers are the favorites, Tampa Bay won't make their lives easier. What's more, since they feel less pressure, the Dodgers will have to be on their top game to claim the win. With that in mind, the World Series scenario for seven games doesn't seem so unlikely. In fact, experts were much more divided, with 22% believing that it will take seven matches to determine the winner. But the Dodgers have someone who might tip the balance. That person is Mookie Betts. Acquired from Boston in the offseason, Betts is arguably the best all-around baseball player in the MLB and is the experts' overwhelming favorite to claim these World Series MVP. One thing for sure, it's going to be a fantastic contest, and each game will be a thrilling and exciting clash. And despite Dodgers being undisputable favorites, Tampa Bay won't give up easily. That makes it a must-watch not just for every MLB fan but for anyone who loves sports.